Tuesday, February 5, 2013

speaking of clever ideas...

Kudos to the Saskatoon Public Library on some of their recent initiatives:
  • I was with my daughter on a class field trip to the Francis Morrison Library.  One of the kids in her class did not have a library card.  A staff member gave the girl a free book that had library information (how to get a library card) on the front cover of the book.  I was so impressed by this gesture and the little girl was thrilled that she didn't have to leave the library empty handed!!!
  • Also at the Francis Morrison Library - in their kid's section on the second floor they have a small display of items for adults.  As a mom, I think this is a fantastic idea as I often do not have an opportunity to go down to the first floor to browse for my own items
  • Finally - I love the new web site library2go that SPL launched recently.  It is very user-friendly!

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