Monday, June 9, 2014

We are talking big, big data that is!

I had the most interesting conference experience ever yesterday.  I literally flew into Vancouver in the morning, attended 4 quick take sessions, did a presentation and flew home.  I snuck a lovely walk on the waterfront as well... but don't tell anyone.

The first quick take session I attended was entitled Big Data.  Presenters were given 15 minutes to discuss their topic.

The speaker started off by stating "Google has always been a database so start using it as such".  He also recommended that you use LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to harvest known information about your community or your potential community.
  • Hard Data - location, employer, job title... no one lies about this information and it tells you a little bit about the Who
  • Soft Data - likes and interests
He also stated that the words used in a profile can be used to create a trends forecast as most of these social media tools have search functionality built into them.  You can use big data in correlation with other information sources.

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