Thursday, November 13, 2014


I was contacted about 2 months ago with an offer to submit a book proposal.  I have learned not to accept everything at face value so I did some digging to see if it was a real offer.  It was (or is). 

My first thought was YES!  I accept!  My second thought was there is NO way that I can do this on my own and so I start to put out feelers with some of my colleagues.  Were they interested in conducting the same type of research that I was?  Are they known experts in book publishing or in the research field?  Could they help me with the most important question - what next???

I am happy to say that I have secured the best possible partner.  She is interested in the same things that I am.  She is an expert as she has already published two books.  She can help me answer what next as (again) she has already published two books.

I thought that I would start documenting the process in this blog in hopes of helping others through the journey.  I have no idea at the moment if this will be successful or not, but perhaps there is also something to be learned if is not successful.  Watch for the hashtag #bookpublishing.

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