Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In the middle

How interesting it is to be in the middle of two deadlines.  We requested emails of interest by March 10th and chapter proposals by May 31st.We are diligently working away on small tasks, but the big picture is sometimes forgotten as there are not any looming deadlines. 

So to keep us busy in the meantime, we are working away on a comprehensive literature review.  Between the four of us we have read just over 100 articles on the subject.  I have been using a citation analysis process to generate new articles of interest, along with a search in Scopus. 

I have been reading the articles on my iPad using Adobe Reader.  It is very cool to be highlighting and commenting right on the document itself.  This has been a big step for me as I am typically 'old school' and prefer to print off and mark up the print copy instead.

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