Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Badge of Honour

I used to feel like I walked around with a badge of honour on my chest.  I was so proud of where I worked and the work that I did, that I placed the institution high up on a pedestal and thought that my role within that institution was worthy of my pride. 

My question becomes: is it the institution that fills me with pride, or is it the wonderful individuals that I work with?  Where is the motivation stemming from?  How does the institution sell itself?

I am guessing that you could work at one of the most prestigious universities or colleges in the world, but if your colleagues are not welcoming, if there is not a strong organizational culture that fosters growth, development, support, respect and kindness, that you will not end up enjoying working there.  Prestige merely of the institution is not enough. 

So… are you lucky enough to have a job or are you extremely fortunate to have found a job, an institution, and colleagues that you love working with.  Do you look forward to going to work every day?  And is that what fills you would pride and places that badge of honour on your chest?

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