Monday, April 29, 2019

Collaborative Approaches to Open Learning Resources Development
Presented by Lin Brander and Rosario Passos

Many partners from different departments, joined in a lunch meeting to discuss key questions and develop an online resource that would be open.  

Engage the targeted community so that those individuals would drive the process, and help create the curriculum directions.  The work was based on the foundation of Kory Wilson’s work, and the fact that her content has a CC license.

Copyright and IA issues - what does it mean to be open, and can you legally make the content open?

You also need to consider using open tools.  If the tool is not open (i.e.: PDF) then it doesn’t support the parametres of open.

Very rewarding to create an open resource that can be built on and is a part of a larger open project (Kory Wilson’s work) that can be found here:

Used their grant to fund external voices who worked on the project.

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