Monday, April 29, 2019


Strategies for Scaling and Sustaining OER Initiatives
Building Awareness and Enthusiasm
Using Lumen’s Playbook for getting folks excited about OER found at:  

Elevator pitch - can you explain to your grandmother what you do for a living?  If she understands, than you have a successful pitch.  Your pitch should be different depending on your audience, i.e.: students, faculty, administration

Ask the royalty question - are you writing the textbook for the royalties or are is your goal in writing a textbook to help students.  Making that textbook open will have the greatest impact on students
“Open is for faculty and free is for students”

Who is using OER? survey the bookstore, mine the syllabi, ask department administration, library (copyright office may collect that data), students

Measure impact to build enthusiasm - build enthusiasm to measure impact

Track long term - make sure to collect statistics from the beginning and more stats than you think that you will need.

Change conversation from money to impact

Calls to Action:
  • Contact new faculty - ask how I can help solve your problems and get you some money?
  • Reporting back - use a framework for consistency and ease of measure
  • 5 steps for course curation - consider what you are trying to accomplish, take a step back
  • Include students in panel - but do not prep them on what to say, feed them first, help them relax because they may be very nervous, share only what they are comfortable with, don’t share professors names if it is a bad experience
  • Talk to your student union

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