Monday, September 10, 2012

Biology 301

Well this was an interesting project.  As I posted earlier, I wanted students to compare and contrast two articles in my instructional session, but I am not able to distribute copies of these articles to the class due to copyright restrictions.  Because of this I started a LibGuide for the class in which I could embed links to the articles that would only be available to authenticated users. 

Today, I wanted to finalize my LibGuide and prepare for tomorrow's instruction session, but as luck would have it, the LibGuide's site was down for most of the day.  Consequently I spent the day creating back up materials preparing for the worst (which is a good idea anyways, just not how I thought I would spend my day).

Thankfully tonight, it is back up and running so I was able to complete the LibGuide.  Here is it:  The LibGuide includes a link to my presentation that I shared through Prezi, as well as a link to an evaluation tool that I created through a tool provided in-house.

Now, let's just cross our fingers that it all works tomorrow!

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