Thursday, September 13, 2012

Outcomes and not just activities

I recently had a discussion with the organizational development specialist for the library in regards to personal development plans.  I stated that I had been compiling a list of my activities each month for my branch head - mainly so that she would know what I had been up to! 

The organization development specialist suggested that I also focus on the outcomes of my activities; i.e.: how was I making an impact.  Initially I thought that would be a next to impossible task... but then....

Since the first day of school I have been posting a note outside the library with an interesting fact about our collection or the services that we offer.  On September 12th, I posted a note about the Engineering ebook collection and some of the ways in which to access that collection.  Within minutes, a professor came into the library questioning how he could access the collection and how the materials could be used.  Today, as I was writing down a new fact, I was approached in the hall by a grad student who also wanted to know how to access ebooks.  Not only did my sign have an impact, but I made myself more visible to at least two patrons.  I was also able to create a teachable moment for these two individuals, showing them how to access these materials through the catalogue or directly through one of our vendors.

Now if only every day was like that!

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