Thursday, September 13, 2012

When does 7 seconds seem like an infinity?

Again, speaking with the organizational development specialist (ODS), I recounted a tale from my earlier instructional session where I became very aware of something I had learned in the Library Leadership Development Program.  According to the team player assessment tool, I am a communicator.  Those that know me, would surely agree!  One of the traits of being a communicator is that silences make me incredibly uncomfortable, and I will typically jump in with a response if the silence becomes too long in my mind.  In my instruction session I noted that several times I was to quick to jump in with an answer and rescue my students from the silence.  The ODS suggested that I count to 7 in my head to see if the question is answered by a participant. 

I plan to try that on Monday in my next session.... but I am sure it will seem like an infinite amount of time for me, the communicator!

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