Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Amazing Library Race

This is a perfect activity for a library orientation when you have longer than an hour with a group of students.  It is also a good activity to review key concepts.

Materials required:
  • Route markers
  • Clues
  • Students will require a pen
To review key locations in the library and give students an opportunity to learn more about each location in a smaller group setting:
  1. This activity occurred after a library tour was given
  2. We had five key questions that we wanted students to find the answers for.
    • What is the title of the book at this call number? (understanding of how the library is organized and how to find a book based on a call number or a catalogue search)
    • Reference Desk: Discover how to find a book in the library catalogue (acknowledge that there are people who are willing to help you find materials - students were also given a handout with more information about our catalogue)
    • Library Web site: Look up who the liaison librarian is for kinesiology.  Also find the library hours for the Natural Science Library on Sundays (demonstrates that they understand how to retrieve library information from our web site)
    • Circulation Desk: Ask what the loan period is for undergraduate students (where the circulation desk is and that students can ask questions here as well)
    • University Learning Centre: What services does the ULC provide (acknowledges that the University Library is made up of many departments all with the objective to assist students with their research or academic needs)
  3. We staggered the route so that the students would not all be travelling to the same places at the same time.  In other words, each clue that was given to the groups started them at a different place.
  4. Students were provided with their next clue once they had successfully completed the activity at each checkpoint. 
  5. First group back with five correct answers was given a small prize.
I felt that this activity was extremely successful.  The students were running around the library in search of their next answer.  There was a sense of competition but also I think it was fun!  I would definitely do this activity again if I had an appropriate class to implement it in.

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