Tuesday, April 16, 2013

QR Codes

I have heard that creating QR codes is incredibly easy; it says so right in all of the library literature... so that must be true.

I was curious though... could it really be that easy???

It turns out that the library literature was indeed correct, it is incredibly easy to create a QR code.  All you need is an account for one of the many QR code generators and a URL or some piece of information that you want to create the code for.

I used http://www.beetagg.com/en/ as several of the articles that I had read about QR codes, mentioned this particular application.  On the home page, it will allow you to create one dynamic code for free.  I tried to be sneaky and use another email address to create another code, but it was wise to my antics and recognized my computer's IP address!  You can create as many static QR codes as you would like for free, while each dynamic code costs around $5 USD [which really isn't that bad].  I was a bit confused at the beginning about what was free and what I would have to pay for.  I also didn't understand the difference between a static link and a dynamic link, so to prevent further confusion, here is the direct link for the static codes: http://www.beetagg.com/en/generator/#StaticLink and these are the ones that are free!

So it is that simple, enter a URL and it immediately creates your code.  You can link to a PDF copy of the code and save it to your computer.  It appears that if you want to save the code in Bee Tagg, you have to pay for that. 

Next step, I added the bee tagg app on my iPhone to test my codes.  It was alarmingly simple.  My phone had taken the picture and found the link before I even realized what was happening.  What fun!

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