Friday, April 5, 2013

Pt. 2: create it and they will not come until you promote it....

This is a follow-up to an earlier post on promoting library workshops.

My colleague and I recorded 70 participants in the fall and winter series' of the Library Workshops for Scientists and Engineers.  We had 53 participants respond to our survey.  I have highlighted the results for how participants found out about our sessions below.

Email: 67.90%
On Campus News: 26.14%
Poster: 7.54%
Word of mouth: 11.32%
Attended another session: 16.98% *4 sessions in the fall series and 6 sessions in the winter series
Other: 1.88%

For the series on Managing References we had a total of 68 participants with 46 of them responding to the survey.  Again under promotion, here were our findings....

Email: 35%
On Campus News: 23.3%
Poster: 20%
Word of Mouth: 10%
Attended another sessions: 5% *we offered the same session 6 different times in 6 different locations
Other: 6.67%

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