Thursday, May 15, 2014

Poster Presentation

Well that was a learning experience!  This morning, I printed off my very first poster presentation.  I had decided not to use the university's templates for my own poster and made the assumption that a standard PPT slide would work just fine as the template.  Here are some of the problems I encountered:
  • Yes, use a PPT slide, but change the page setup in the Design Tab on the ribbon to the size of your printed poster.  That way your content is where it should be and your images are not pixelated nor your graphs, diagrams, etc. illegible and blurry.  
  • Make sure to carefully, and I mean CAREFULLY, read over your poster to check for errors as well as sizing issues before printing.  
My poster was printed three times this morning.  Twice we cancelled the printing after about a foot because of the issues noted above.  The second time we thought we had corrected all errors only to discover that the font on the bar graph was way too small.

Yes - I could have avoided these issues by using a template and/or resizing a PPT slide, but sometimes I have to learn the hard way!  Thankfully my friend Richard in IT is very kind and also willing to help me.  It doesn't hurt that I bring him cookies from time to time ;)

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