Friday, October 16, 2015


Asako Yoshida - University of Manitoba
Librarian-Faculty Collaboration: Creating a More Learner-Centered Environment to Facilitate Students' Research Skills Development

-    Constructivist theory and alignment (Biggs & Tang, 2011)
-    what are you trying to teach and expecting students to learn
-    are we facilitating student learning through our library instruction?
-    librarian and faculty collaboration, 4th year research seminar course, required course
-    observed that students were surface learning, not deep learning, not exhibiting a strong connection to the learning outcomes
-    used research skill development framework, a pedagogical and curriculum developing tool to guide students to undertake a research project (framework and Bloom's Taxonomy)

-    supervisor initiated (prescribed, bounded, scaffolded), researcher initiated (open research), or discipline building (adopted, enlarging research)
-    this framework can be used for students, scholars and researchers
-    as a result: gained a better understanding of the nature of the project the students are undertaking

-    common objective of facilitating student learning

There were two sessions in a row on constructivist theory.  This instructor was in heaven!!!!

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