Friday, October 16, 2015

Social Networking

Crystal Hampson - University of Saskatchewan
Gaining from the Knowledge of Other Disciplines: Using a Sociological Theory to Study and Foster the Adoption of Innovative Services in Academic Libraries

-    loves this comment - "she is one person away from an expert, ability to answer any curiousity"
-    establishment of open access funds, study across universities
-    innovation diffusion theory, innovation adoption
-    "innovation communicated through a social system using certain communication channels over time" (pg 5.  Rogers, Diffusion of Innovation)
-    innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, laggards or perhaps not at all
-    Rogers 219-266, innovation attributes, relative advantage, compatibility complexity, trialability, observability
-    five stages (pg. 20-12, 168-218); knowledge, persuasion, decision, implementation, confirmation
-    not always a case of simply promoting the service more
-    needed service combined with social circles, increases adoption
-    promotion and advocacy: influenced by people like themselves, opinion leader, may be for or against, can be over-used, make own judgments, not overly aligned (credibility) (pgs. 26-27, 300-401)

-    social network analysis

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