Friday, October 16, 2015

Privacy and my right to be forgotten

Mike Moir - York University
Archives and privacy within a Library Culture of Access

-    concern of privacy
-    generational change within the academy brings new donations, and new areas of research
-    unique research collections, diverse archives is beneficial from the institutional perspective
-    academic institutions as safe guards of 'the peoples' collections, our history, etc.
-    public vs. private domains - government collects personal information that is controlled by freedom of information and privacy
-    management of personal archives inconsistent with the intent of access and privacy
-    is there a role for a research ethics board???  Who is the guardian?
-    issue not with the data, but the metadata
-    what happens when records become available through an archive
-    'the right to be forgotten' - I love this point.  Makes me think of how lucky I am to have grown up before social media, where all of my mistakes would have been captured and archived.
-    can confidentially be guaranteed?  institutions to guard confidentiality of research and data sets

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