Friday, October 16, 2015

Smile and nod

Karim Tharani - University of Saskatchewan
Exploring and Experimenting with Linked Data

-    exposing, sharing and connecting pieces of data, information and knowledge on the semantic web using URIs and RDF
-    using the web to create special kind of hyperlinks between data from different sources
-    I love this comment about typical web behaviour - click and pray
-    improved results through linked data, metadata
-    evolution into digital humanities and linked library metadata
-    description and discovery
-    what does that mean for us?
-    metadata does not communicate any better than individual cards in the card catalogue
-    what if it could?
-    uri, protects content against dead links, similar to using a P.O. Box instead of a home address
-    markup behind the web, is what needs to change, web of data
-    the semantic web allows machines to understand the meaning of the information
-    subject, predicates and object
-    distinguishes between written about a person, from written by a person

-    BIBFRAME, from Library of Congress, allows the expertise of the librarian to take hold again and affect the future of the web

Although a lot of this presentation was over my head, I appreciated Karim's use of analogy so that individuals in the audience would have a frame of reference to the concept that he was presenting.  He also has a brilliant sense of humour and an approachable presentation style.  

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