Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Peer Review Process

We have received 21 out of the 27 projects as of today.

For the peer review process, we are tracking all of the data on a spreadsheet.  We have numbered all of the chapters and I have tripled checked that the number corresponds to the correct chapter and author combination.  All chapters have been blinded which entails either deleting information from the paper or redacting identifible information.  10 of the projects are already in the hands of peer reviewers and we have received our first peer reviewed chapter back from a reviewer.  We have a small number of reviewers that will be available later this month due to other commitments, so further chapters will be sent at that point.  As well, once an author has completed the peer review process on their own chapter, they will be asked if they would be willing to peer review a chapter.

We have asked our reviewers to agree to one or two chapters and with each chapter they have a three week deadline.

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