Wednesday, November 18, 2015

small cheer

We gave a small celebratory cheer when we sent back the first chapter to the author following the peer review process.  It is a tiny victory, but exciting nevertheless.

What I have enjoyed is that we are continually learning along the way.  We have put a peer review process into place.  We have divided up the duties and of course we are tracking everything on yet another spreadsheet.

Here are some of the details of this process:

  • receipt of chapter
  • request participation of two peer reviewers
  • forward the peer reviewers the blinded chapter, saved as a PDF (to hide author details) along with a template for feedback
  • receipt of peer reviews
  • scan the reviews as well as the chapter for any additional feedback
  • send the chapter back to the author for revision
  • send the peer reviewer a thank you note
For more information on the peer review process, I would highly recommend a recent post on the 
C-EBLIP brain work blog: 

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