Thursday, September 15, 2016

Third time is the charm

I was recently asked to create an online plagiarism module that would be embedded into course across the institution in D2L.  I first experimented with a PowToon video having had great fun with the software previously.  I was disappointed to discover that there was a recent change to the program when trying to download the completed video - PowToon's required that you allow them access to your YouTube account.  I did not feel comfortable doing that, so I started again.

Take two - I tried the video creation in Camtasia.  I love this program as it is easy to use and creates high quality videos.  The problem that I encountered was in the audio recording.  I only have a very old microphone that creates an odd swirling sound in the playback.

Take three - I rerecorded the video for a final time.  I used Camtasia for the screen capture, but this time I used my iPhone and voice memo app to record my voice.  I started both recordings at the same time, and advanced the slides as I spoke, so that the audio and the video would be easy to sync afterwards.  We had to do some fancy conversions, but managed to create a .wav file from the initial recording and add it as an audio 2 track. Worked like a charm!  Sounds great and it was not all that hard to achieve.  Although, I did need to rely on my husband's expertise to convert the file.  I am not sure I would have been able to figure that one out on my own.

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