Thursday, November 29, 2012

Multiple Activities

Science Academy had a total of 2.5 hours allotted to it.  Plenty of time to implement several activities.  The librarians who facilitated this session had several fantastic activities that I feel warrant a mention.
  1. Google vs. Google Scholar
    • Based on a case study, have students brainstorm possible keywords for conducting research
    • Use those keywords in both Google and Google Scholar. 
    • Have students compare results with a partner and then discuss the results as a class
  2. Scavenger Hunt
    • Utilizing a database (in this case Anatomy TV) have students work in teams to find the answers to a list of questions
    • The Librarians acted as individual team leaders for each of the groups
    • First group with the right answers wins
  3. So You Think You Can Research
    • This activity involved the design of a research study
    • Students again worked in teams
    • Students were asked to share their research study with the class and each team was encouraged to ask the team questions
  4. Jeopardy
    • This is the whole reason that I wanted to see these librarians in action.  I had heard much about them utilizing Jeopardy as a wrap up activity to review the information that was covered in class.  I wanted to see it for myself!
    • They used to create the game
    • They had four individuals running the game and students were again divided into four teams
      • One librarian read the questions
      • One librarian operated the computer
      • Two librarians were watching the students to see whose hand was raised first
    • The activity took approximately 25 minutes to complete
    • It was great fun!  You couldn't help but get heavily involved in the game, especially when a team answered a extremely difficult question.
I am grateful to the librarians that allowed me to observe them.  I learned a lot and was happy to have the opportunity to add some great ideas to my arsenal of engaging learning activities.

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